Earning bitcoins is simple

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What is Jupiter Faucet?

A bitcoin faucet is a web page that gives small amounts of money (in this case bitcoins or satoshis) for simply entering your email or bitcoin wallet address and solving a captcha (we need to know that you are human). Jupiter Faucet, like most others is funded by advertisements (so please turn off your ad-blocking software!). So stop waiting, and start hitting on your bits!!


How much BTC can I earn?

Jupiter Faucet pays you between 50 and 20000 satoshi every 10 MINUTES, the average amount paid is variable . Think you could earn in a day just from our faucet 480,000 satoshi (or 0.0048 BTC).


When do I get paid?

IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR XAPO ONLINE WALLET. All your earnings are paid out immediately to the Xapo wallet linked to that email address.